Online Apple Macbook Chiplevel repair training course Apple Macbook repair I Mac repair course

This Concept of teaching Chiplevel Repair of Laptops and Desktops is first time else where in the world.

Here we teach in systematic way to the students from basic to BGA level by preparing them in a world class environment. The teaching staffs have a background of electronics and communication graduation with more than 20 years of chip level repairs experience backup. So here students not only understand the basic electronics, basic working phenomena of laptop and desktop motherboards which is an essential for this profession to learn the real practical experience of repair. We organized ourselves in such a way that we concentrate on each student by understanding his/her capability and teach according to it. We also have an infrastructure in such a way that each student will have their own individual testing equipments and tools to concentrate and learn in proper way during course period. So this course is not only suitable to the fresh students but also to the people who are already in the field and struggling to understand the systematic concept of repair. We assure that we build 100% confidence and fulfill your dreams to become an expert service engineer.

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Course Objectives

  1. Basic analog and digital electronics.
  2. Motherboard working phenomena, Block diagram, & schematic diagram.
  3. Using & testing of electronic components.
  4. Testing of Digital IC'S.
  5. Differences Between AC & DC Current and its applications.
  6. Switching mode power supply Technology and its usage.
  7. DC to DC Conversion of power and its application.
  8. Pulse width modulation (PWM) Technology and its application in the computer M/B's.
  9. Power good signal of the power supply and its importance.
  10. Reset Technology and its importance in the computer M/B.
  11. BIOS IC, its pin details, firm ware of the bios and study of its characteristics.
  12. Importance of the clock generator IC and study of its O/P clock signals.
  13. Real time Clock (R T C) signal and its application in the M/B.
  14. Power on self test (post) of the M/B and its importance, reading its codes and analysis the problem according to it.
  15. Fault finding, tracing, diagnosing and isolating of the problems according to their behavior.
  16. Basic tips, precautions, Steps, Short cuts to approach different problems.
  17. Tracing of M/B's of different makes and understanding the common and difference between the M/B's.
  18. Understanding of CPU core voltage generation circuits.
  19. Difference & Similarity between Desktop and Laptop M/B's.
  1. Laptop M/B Diagnosing, isolating problem between power and other sections, diagnosing the problem in systematic way and short cuts.
  2. Precautions to be taken while approaching the critical problems like hanging, Battery not charging, Drives not detecting, K/B not detecting, AC Adapter not detecting and all other Semi working problems of the Laptops.
  3. Laptop M/B Coolant Circuit Technology and its problems and solution.
  4. Laptop Dim display problem isolating the problem between screen, inverter board and the main M/B.
  5. Laptop internal and external display importance, difference and its fault finding.
  6. Laptop K/B problem, isolating the problem between K/B and M/B and finding the solution for it.
  7. Laptop USB Device Not working problem, isolating the problem between power section and data section and its solution.
  8. LAPTOP drives (HDD/CDD) not detecting problems and drives pin details in the M/B’s, checking points and solution.
  9. Laptop network port problem, cause, IC details and solution.
  10. Laptop display screen working technology, isolating the problem between screens, cable, M/B. further isolating the problem between power and logic section in the M/B.
  11. Laptop M/B DC to DC Converter Voltage Generation Problems, main Power Supply short Problems, Diagnosis, isolation and solution.
  12. Understanding of stand by voltages and its requirement in the laptop M/B.
  13. BIOS up gradation using different methods.
  14. Importance of the password in laptop, its storage and removal steps.
  15. Laptop adapter working technology and its fault finding.
  16. Laptop Battery Refurbish technology.
  17. Usage of oscilloscope and its importance in fault finding.
  18. Shortcuts in repair.
  19. How to read different Component data sheets.
  20. Basic cleaning and washing method of M/B.
  21. SMD Components Remove and replacement practice.
  22. Use of debug card in problem identification.
  23. Training of using BGA Soldering Station.
  24. Remove of BGA IC'S and reballing it using Reball Stencil.
  25. IC’S Reballing, BGA Ball Arrangement, practice.
  26. Carrier development program

Some of the Mother board common IC's used

North Bridge (NFORCE, AMD, SIS, VT, I845, I875)
South Bridge (SIS, VT, INTEL, NVDIA)
VRM- Voltage Regulator  Module IC (RTL, ADP, WINBOND, ETC)
VRM- Voltage Regulator  Module Mosfet(-CHN017NF, HAP117, B5TO3GH, F3711S,NIKOS ETC)
Clock Generator IC(WINBOND, ICS, ETC)
Serial Port IC(GD75232, ST75185, ETC)
Mosfet (92039, 70120H, IS313W, 537, FR3704, ETC)
Crystal (14.318 CLOCK , ETC)

Common Laptop mother board IC's.
POWER SUPPLY CHIP :- (MAX1632,  MAX1904, MAX1634,SB3052, SC1402, LTC1628  TMP48U ADP3160/ADP3167 ADP3168 APW7060 , ETC)
IO CHIP :- (PC97338, PC87392,FDC7N869, FDC37N958, LPC47N227, LPC47N267 PC87591S/ PC 87591L / PC 97317IBW/PC 87393 VGJ PC87591E ETC )
CPU power supply chips :-  (ADP3166  ADP3170   ADP3421  AIC1567 CS5322  FAN5056   ITC1709  MAX1710/MAX1711/MAXl712  HIP6004 )
Charge discharge control –chip :- ( MAX745,  TC490/591 AAI3680 ADP3806 DS2770 LTl505G MAXl645B MAX745 MB3878 AAT3680 ETC)
CPU temperature control chip :- (MAX1617, MAX1020A, AD1030A, CM8500 MAX1989 DS1620
Graphics Brand :- (ATI, NVIDIA, S3, NEOMAGIC, TRIDENT, SMI, INTEL, FW82807, and CH7001A
Ethernet chips :- (RTL8100, RTL8139, Intel DA82562, RC82540, 3COM, BCM440 LF8423, LF-H80P, H-0023, H0024, H0019, ATPL-119
Sound audio Chip :- (ESS1921, STAC9704, AU8810 ,4299-JQ, TPA0202 , 8552TS, 8542TS, BA7786, AN12942 AD1885 ALC655 APA2020/TPA0202
PC Card Chip :- (R5C551, R5C552, R5C476, R54472
PC Card power supply chips :- (TPS2205, TPS2206, TPS2216, TPS2211, PU2211, M2562A, M2563A, M2564A
COM port chip :- (MAX3243, MAX213, ADM213, HIN213, SP3243, MC145583
Keyboard-chip :- (H8C/2471, H8/3434, H8/3431, PC87570, PC87591
Keyboard chip :- (  H8/3434, H8/3437, H8/2147, H8/2149,  PC87570, PC87591, H8S/XXX M38857, M38867, M38869,.....)
Battery IC :- (BQ2040 BQ2060 BQ24700 BQ2470l BQ24702/BQ24703 M61040FP,......)
Memory control chip :- (CM8501/CM8501CM8562 , ……)
Clock IC :- (CS950502 CY28404C ICS9248-153 ICS954218 ICS9248-151 ICS9248-39 ICS950901, WINBOND,…..)
lcd back light control :- (MAXl522/MAXl523/MAXl524 OZ960 ,……..)
Ddr memory power supply :- (MAX8794 NCP5201 SC1486/SCl486A SC2616 TPS51020 ISL6520 ISL6537 CM8501, ISL6224 ISL6225 ,…)
Other Common chipset :- (AAT3200 AAT4280 AMS1505 MIC2545MIC5205 ADP3168 AICl567 cM8562 CMl9738 CSS5322 DSl620,…..)

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